Down Payments
A down payment is an initial, upfront payment made when something is bought on credit. In the case of a mortgage, some lenders don’t require down payments, while others have minimum requirements. Saving for a down payment takes time and discipline, but the payoffs of homeownership make it worth it. A conversation with your loan officer can help determine how much of a down payment you need based on several factors.


Savings Strategies
Once you’ve determined how much you’ll put down, it’s time to begin saving. Start with these strategies:
Maintain a dedicated savings account. It’s easier to track your progress when you separate your savings for a down payment from other funds. Plus, you’ll be less tempted to dip into those funds to cover everyday expenses. To make it easier to save, have a set amount automatically deposited into this account with every paycheck you receive.

Grow your money

As your savings grow, consider transferring the funds into an interest-earning Money Market Savings Account (MMSA) or a Certificate of Deposit (CD). Just make sure the terms fit your timeframe for making a house purchase. Sometimes there are penalties for early withdrawals.

Find new ways to save. Review your budget monthly for excess expenses. For instance, reduce spending on leisure activities such as eating out, concerts and vacations. You can also cut expenses by negotiating lower rates for any insurance policies (auto, renter’s, etc.), cable and cellphone plans. Then put the saved money into your dedicated savings account.

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